Author: Julia Burnier

Tip 11 – How do I evaluate a Spanish curriculum?

Tip 11: How do I evaluate a Spanish curriculum? You are looking for the magic recipe:  fun + retainment.  If learning isn’t fun, then your child won’t want to continue.  And if they don’t retain anything, you won’t feel like

Tip 10 – Proven models for teaching Spanish to kids

Tip 10: Proven models for teaching Spanish to kids The push these days is toward student centered learning.  So in order to make decisions on what is right for your Spanish learner, you should know the different Spanish teaching models

Tip 9 – Why should kids learn Spanish?

Tip 9: Why should kids learn Spanish? Did you know that the United States has the second most Spanish speakers in the world after Mexico? Whether you use this language at home or abroad, it’s a lifelong skill with tangible

Tip 8 – Teaching Spanish to your homeschooler

Tip 8: Teaching Spanish to your homeschooler For homeschooling parents who have tried to conduct Spanish classes for their kids, it can be a frustrating experience to find the right resources.  The result is the kids never progress beyond some

Tip 7 – Interactive Puppetry Training Video

Tip 7: Interactive Puppetry Training Video Interactive puppetry is a magical part of the Sing ‘n Speak Spanish program as it helps children overcome shyness and converse in Spanish.  The puppet skits are usually a child’s favorite part of the

Tip 6 – Preposition Song

Tip 6: Preposition Song The inspiration for Sing ‘n Speak Spanish® originally stemmed from my love of singing in Spanish (since I grew up in Mexico City) and the power songs have in aiding memory retention.  In 6th grade, my

Tip 5 – How to use Puppets

Tip 5: How to use puppets The Year 1 and Year 2 Spanish lessons include humorous and interactive puppet skits. These skits add a delightful component to the teaching of a foreign language. You may be unfamiliar with the use

Tip 4 – Teaching songs w TPR

Tip 4: How to teach songs with TPR The memorization of songs is an effective and enjoyable component of the Sing ‘n Speak Spanish program. If melodies are catchy, students will sing the songs repeatedly, giving them the repetition they

Tip 3 – Introducing vocabulary w TPR

Tip 3: How to Introduce Vocabulary with Flash cards and TPR The introduction of new vocabulary with flash cards is an important part of the Spanish lesson. It is effective and lots of fun when you use the following method:

Tip 2 – Involving all your students

Tip 2: Class activities should involve most of the students most of the time. To keep students engaged and maximize learning, minimize activities where the focus is on an individual student. Split the class into teams to play games so