Tip 3 – Introducing vocabulary w TPR

Tip 3: How to Introduce Vocabulary with Flash cards and TPR

The introduction of new vocabulary with flash cards is an important part of the Spanish lesson. It is effective and lots of fun when you use the following method:

1. Students listen and pronounce the new word several times as they associate the picture on the card with the new word. Have fun with the new word by saying it loud or soft, fast or slow, in a high or low pitch, a whisper, or with a voice that implies a feeling (angry, sweet, loving, etc.). You can even sing the word! Use your imagination. The students’ job is to mimic you.

2. Put the flash card down and repeat the word once or twice, creating a TPR gesture that the student can then associate with that word.

3. Use the new word in several sentences. First, say a sentence in English using the new word with grammar and vocabulary from previous lessons. Next, together with the students, say the sentence in Spanish using TPR gestures. Do this slowly, hesitating slightly to give students a chance to volunteer the words. Students enjoy stringing words together to make sentences, especially if they are humorous.