Sing ‘n Speak Spanish is a complete K-8 Spanish Elementary Curriculum…

… going beyond many elementary and middle school curricula.

Year 1 and Year 2 of our Spanish curriculum introduce basic vocabulary and simple grammar on subjects children relate to. Years 3, 4, and 5 review earlier vocabulary and introduce new vocabulary and higher level grammar, with special focus on verbs and conjugation. Vocabulary and grammar from previous lessons are carefully spiraled-in to each lesson.

The table below summarizes the topics covered in Year 1 – Year 5 of our Spanish curriculum and the appropriate grade ranges for each. Go to Spanish Teaching Materials and scroll down to view sample lesson plans, student worksheets, and songs for Years 1 – 5.

Skinny Skits and Comedias Cortas, both written by Patti Lozano are a delightful assortment of skits that reinforce conversational Spanish. The 45 skits in Skinny Skits together with our Year 6 Teacher Manual and Student Workbook are used as our Year 6 curriculum. The 33 more complex skits in Comedias Cortas together with our Year 7 Teacher Manual and Student Workbook work well as our Year 7 curriculum. Patti Lozano’s Latin American Legends is a series of 10 stories from Latin America that, together with our accompanying Student Workbook can be used as a supplement for students taking Year 6 or 7 Spanish. Learn more about these products in the section on Support Materials.

This is a very flexible curriculum. Go to Scope & Sequence to visualize how this Spanish elementary curriculum can be implemented into your K-8 or K-5 school.

Click here for a printable pdf of the curriculum summary
Sing 'n Speak Spanish Curriculum Summary