Testimonials from Teachers

“We had a student start at the middle school of the 3rd quarter last year, and although his parents are Hispanic, they do not speak Spanish at home. They went to Mexico on vacation and they were so impressed. Their son was speaking Spanish the whole week they were there! So even though we knew the workbooks and lessons were great, it is nice to hear from parents that they appreciate your lessons too.”
Jennifer Frey, Country Christian School, Bakersfield, CA

“I just had to take a minute and thank you for the amazing Spanish program you created. I am so happy using it at Horizon Prep. The kids love it too! The administrators also like the program. My elementary principal came to observe my lesson in the beginning of the year. She commented on how wonderfully integrated the vocabulary was in the interactive puppet skit and the song. She said what a wonderful way to get the kids to love Spanish at a young age. And she loved the use of hand motions. She noticed and commented on all these aspects of your wonderful program!”
Suzanne Bocanegra, Spanish Teacher, Horizon Prep, San Diego, CA

“I started using your Year 1 Spanish curriculum this year in a mixed-age classroom (grades 1-4), and it has been wonderful. My students and I look forward to Spanish class every week. The children enjoy the songs and the wide variety of games and activities. They especially love the puppet skits! I am thankful for a curriculum that is well-designed and easy to use with minimal time spent on prep. Thank you for producing such a quality product. I would highly recommend this curriculum.”
Kathryn Wahlstrom, Spanish Teacher, Country Lane Co-op, OR

“We are absolutely loving the Sing ‘n Speak curriculum here at Amory Christian Academy!”
Amber Blaylock, Spanish Teacher, Amory Christian Academy, Mississippi

“I have been using your courses with my 1st and 2nd graders and they love it. Thanks for your work!”
Deborah Fisch, Spanish teacher, The Healdsburg School, CA

“Thank you for sending us such a wonderful maestra! We love Sra. Snyder. She uses puppets, games, songs, and activities to keep my 2nd graders engaged. She’s even kind enough to bring prizes on occasion. The kids work so hard for her! It shows in their knowledge.”
Jennifer Miller, Teacher, St. Gregory School, San Diego, CA

“I am finishing my first year teaching 1st – 6th grade Spanish with your level 1 program. I loved it!! So fun. Excellent resources provided and clear lessons. It made for my funnest year ever teaching. I am sold!!”
Julie O’Neill, Spanish Teacher, Central Christian Schools, Oregon

“I have 31 classes with over 600 students and am loving every minute of teaching Spanish thus far. I attended one of your Spanish seminars this past August. I work for Family Resource Ministries and we purchased your Year 1 Spanish curriculum. We use the curriculum for three schools and although each grade level is a bit different, each loves it. The upper grades are thriving, ask questions, and attempt to build sentences with the vocabulary already introduced. It’s absolutely amazing! I love teaching your curriculum and want you to know that it is working extremely well for both the students and myself. Thank you for the opportunity to use this amazing program!”
Mara McKnight, Family Resource Ministries, California

“My second graders are blessed with a fun and exciting Spanish curriculum to learn from! They cannot wait to come to class and I am excited to teach the children. I can’t tell you how excited the parent are. You’ve created a beautiful way of learning – I love the variety of activities that will cater to different learning styles! Thank you.”
Alicia Thorson, Heritage Christian School, Wisconsin

“I am so excited about using your Sing ‘n Speak Spanish language program. It should be in all the public schools. It is so much better than the standard text books that all the schools currently use.”
Jacie Datnow, Glenwood School, San Rafael, CA

“I just read a post on a Spanish teacher’s listserv, Nandu, from a teacher who was very happy with your Sing ‘n Speak Spanish program. That prompted me to do a Google search of Sing ‘n Speak. As you may remember, I was one of the first to purchase your program for my school, St. John’s Episcopal, in your early years of development. Wow! Your website showed me how far you have come with all your materials! What a difference! I ordered a few things and I can’t wait to get them. After all these years, I still use the beautiful puppets and Patti Lozano’s great teaching songs. I am so happy that your program now includes a student workbook. Congratulations on all your hard work in trying to meet the needs of the classroom teacher.”
Linda Falk, St. John’s Episcopal School, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

“I am an elementary school teacher with experience from preschool through third grade. I strongly believe in the importance of learning a second language, and I know many studies support the idea that second language acquisition is easiest when it begins in early elementary school (or even earlier). I have tried a lot of different programs to teach my children Spanish. We have tried the BBC’s “Muzzy” series, Rosetta Stone, even some after school programs. Rosetta Stone was too difficult for my children, Muzzy was too difficult to understand (and a little weird), and the after school programs never got beyond learning the colors and body parts. This year, a group of home-schooling families on Coronado invited my daughter to join them for their Spanish lessons. They were using the “Sing ‘n Speak Spanish” program. We tried it out for a few weeks, and I realized, this program is fabulous! The children learn through a combination of teacher-directed lessons, songs, activities, games and workbook reinforcement. We have the CD at home, and the songs are addictive. My whole family now sings them around the house! Most importantly, the program introduces complete sentences, questions and responses from the very beginning.This makes real conversational language acquisition much, much easier.”

“The curriculum is beautifully organized, with teacher’s manuals, workbooks, music CD’s and games. The company provides trained teachers as well. They are involved with several school districts, home-schooling programs and charter schools. I think they would be a real asset to the Coronado Recreation Department programming. I hope you will consider this fun and interactive curriculum for your summer or after-school programming.”
Jessica Ziegler, San Diego, CA

“Quiero decirte que absolutamente ADORO tu programa. Los niños de Thomas Jefferson están aprendiendo español mucho más facilmente.”
Maribell Sarate, Thomas Jefferson School, Forest City, NC

“This is the third year I have used Sing ‘n Speak Spanish… I have a first year and third Spanish class that we do twice a week. Yeah! It’s working! I could not imagine doing another Spanish curriculum. Thank you Julia Burnier. It has been money well spent buying your curriculum.”
Mike Bower, Homeschool Champions, Euless, Texas

“Since we have been taking regular trips to Mexico for missions, we have been looking for ways to learn Spanish. I’ve tried CD-ROMs, videos, and assorted books and tapes. None of these as been as practical or enjoyable as the Sing ‘n Learn Verbs in Spanish CD by Julia Burnier. Julia sets folk songs and original teaching songs to mellow, catchy, guitar melodies, making it enjoyable for the whole family. Language immersion is one of the best ways to learn a foreign language and I found myself reading the songbook and then singing along. A terrific resource for foreign language studies, and the price is definitely right!”
Jennifer Pepito, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Testimonials from Parents

“Your program was perfect for my kids!  They LOVE to sing!  I still hear them singing your songs.  They hear a particular word in Spanish, and off they go in a chorus!  Very cute.  Keep up the good work!”
Dariella Attolini, High Tech Elementary Explorer, San Diego, CA

“Sing ‘n Speak Spanish has provided a wonderful foundation for my children. I have a son in high school who took Sing ‘n Speak Spanish from 1st to 5th grade. He then started taking Spanish in 7th grade at his middle school. While many of his classmates struggled with the challenging curriculum, my son was able to handle the class with confidence. He is now in his 3rd year of Spanish and continues to enjoy taking Spanish and finds the curriculum very manageable. My daughter, now in 7th grade, is taking Spanish at her middle school. Once again, while other students are finding the Spanish class to be very challenging, my daughter is enjoying her Spanish class and doing very well. My youngest daughter is in 4th grade and continues to take Sing ‘n Speak Spanish in preparation for her future language studies. Thank you Julia and her team of teachers for making this program available to elementary age children. I love that my children speak Spanish without an accent and are able to not only excel in their Spanish classes but enjoy their learning of the language.”
Ginger Colletto, Jerabek Elementary, San Diego, CA

“I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much Catherine is enjoying Spanish this year. This morning she couldn’t WAIT to get to school to start and show her teacher a fun Spanish app she has been using. Her teacher – Ms. Claudia – is obviously doing a fabulous job. She has Catherine totally engaged and excited!! Thank you for hiring such a wonderful educator!”
Chrissy Piller, Bird Rock Elementary, San Diego, CA

“By the way, my daughter Mikayla who took four years of your program just received a 5 in the AP Spanish exam, highest mark you can get!”
Felicia Kappes, Carmel del Mar, San Diego, CA

“… we would all like to continue with Miriam next year with the Year 4 home class. She has been the best teacher we could ask for, the boys all love her and it’s a parent’s dream to watch them all joyfully singing and learning Spanish.”
Valerie Charat, Home Class in San Diego

“My daughter is a first grader taking Spanish 1A with Ana at Miramar Ranch Elementary. I can’t say enough good things about Ana and the program. My daughter has learned so much and loves her class.”
Heather Fangon, Miramar Ranch Elementary, San Diego, CA

“Next year my son is going to be one of the first children to go through the entire program at Dingeman Elementary. He has really learned a lot of Spanish and often finds himself “thinking” in Spanish. Proud of him and wanted to thank you for offering this program at Dingeman.”
Madhu Blackport, Dingeman Elementary, San Diego, CA

“I wanted to let you know how much Sage is using her Spanish on a day to day basis! She often answers me with a Spanish word, or asks me a question in Spanish. I am a foreign language teacher myself, so it is so exciting for me to see her embrace the language and start using it! Thank you for your great work.”
Amy Rosskopf, Ashley Falls Elementary, San Diego, CA

“I just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE your class and the program. Luke is learning so much Spanish, it is amazing. The other day in the grocery story, Luke was counting to 30 in Spanish while in line and the cashier’s face was priceless!”
Aaron Heisler, San Elijo Elementary, San Marcos, CA

“I just wanted to let you know that Max is starting high school now and he is doing Spanish 3/4 this year. He could probably even handle Spanish 5/6 but he didn’t want it to be too hard and this class will give him a chance to strengthen his verbs. I know that you are a big part of helping Max come so far with his Spanish and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of your good work. It is amazing to see what an hour a week can do over time. All the best to you – you are doing great work for our youth!”
Christine, Home School parent, San Diego, CA

“I have an older daughter, Taylor, who is in the 8th grade now and taking Spanish 1. She can’t believe how much her four years of Sing ‘N Speak Spanish is helping her in this class.”
Chris, Ocean Air Elementary, San Diego, CA

“Jazmine absolutely adores(!!) your class and your program, as you can see and know by watching her now. She bounds out of your class every week bubbly and giddy with enthusiasm, speaking in Spanish, singing and actually wants to do her homework in the car each week, as she is so excited to be learning from you. She has started taking guitar classes in the last few months so that adds even more excitement that you play the guitar and she gets to sing the songs with you in class. She looks forward to your class every week!”
Jennifer, Home Class, San Diego, CA

“We have been thrilled with the Spanish program led by Señora Paulina. Our son really looks forward to going every week, and he is learning a lot. We have been beyond thrilled with the program!”
Melissa Moore, San Elijo Elementary, San Marcos, CA

“We LOVE our teacher at Benchly-Weinburger. Our son has been learning so much. We listen to the CD almost everyday.”
Kate Prendergast, La Mesa, CA

“Neha loves the Spanish class. She looks forward to more and more of it every week. Interestingly, my 2 yr old has also been singing the songs.”
Reshma, Sage Canyon School, San Diego, CA

“I did the survey, but I would like to let you know, about Ethel, my daughters teacher. She is awesome, my 5 years and daughter Julia can speak, sing, write some words in Spanish, she had a conversation with a friend of mine who just speaks Spanish. I was so impressed, and I can give all the credit to Ethel!”
Christina, Jerabek Elementary, San Diego, CA

“We were listening to the Year 3 Spanish CD on our way to school this morning and I wanted to say you have such a beautiful singing voice. The singing is such a good way for the girls to hear and practice Spanish.”
Erin Miller, Jerabek Elementary, San Diego, CA

“I suggested this class to my friend because I was so happy with how the program worked for my son. He tested out of Spanish 1 in middle school, and is one of the best students in his Spanish 2 class! Thanks!”
Amy Hellenkamp, Home Class, San Diego, CA

“Hi Julia. We just put in your CD for Spanish Year 4 and realize how much we have missed your amazing songs and your gorgeous stunning voice. We are so happy to be part of your program for these last four years and we appreciate you so much. Thank you for everything you do and for your program.”
Jennifer and Jazmine Joseph, San Diego, CA

“Thank you so much for offering this program. I can’t believe how much Hutson has learned. He knows enough that we can have mini-conversations at mealtimes with little translation. What a rewarding and fun way to teach a skill that is becoming increasingly important to making connections in our world.”
Parent, Greater San Diego Academy, San Diego, CA

“Thank you for trying so hard to accommodate everyone. You have a great program and I would recommend it to all parents interested in language instruction for their children.”
Home Class Parent, San Diego, CA

“We went to the last class to celebrate and I was completely amazed at what a good job your teacher has done with the kids. They have so much fun! Now I know why my daughter never complained about staying late for Spanish.”
Parent, Ocean Air School, San Diego, CA

“It is great fun and very rewarding to see how much Hannah out has learned this year with your program. We want to make sure that you know how much she enjoys your program and how much she (and we too) would like to see these classes continue the next school year. Thanks in particular for offering such a wonderful program.”
Parent, Del Mar Hills, San Diego, CA

“I enjoyed seeing you teach today and I like your style of teaching very much. I have to tell you, Faith was crazy excited about your class! I haven’t seen her this excited for a while. We talked about your class all afternoon and practiced phrases. We look forward to next week.”
Parent, Explorer School, San Diego, CA

“I think the program is fantastic. Kyle’s only been in it for three months and he has learned a lot!”
Parent, St. Didacus School, San Diego, CA

“Ciaren adores your teaching style and you. Your influence has brought Spanish into her life and heart.”
Parent, St. Vincent School, San Diego, CA

“What a delightful way to learn a language! We all sing the songs throughout the day. Julian loves your class and wishes he didn’t have to wait a week for the next one.”
Parent, Gluck Child Care Center, San Diego, CA

“Manci really enjoyed Spanish class. She always came out of class very happy, singing and teaching the songs she learned. Thank you for teaching our children this beautiful language!”
Parent, Stella Maris Academy, San Diego, CA

“I think you have developed an excellent program that not only entertains the children but teaches them. We love it!”
La Jolla Country Day, San Diego, CA

“Emily had been in an immersion program but got burned out. After the 1st class in Year 2 Sing ‘n Speak Spanish, she was all excited! She wanted to listen again and again to the CD. She loves the class and is enthusiastic about Spanish again!”
Parent, Explorer Elementary Charter School, San Diego, CA

“Thanks for all you do all year long! I love the program and you hooked little Brian – now that says a lot!! See you next year.”
Paraent, St. Vincent School, San Diego, CA

“Laurel loved the variety of exercises and the ways the workbooks made parent involvement straightforward. Sing ‘n Speak Spanish is a really effective program – wonderful songs made learning the language fun. Never thought a Kindergartener could learn so much and enjoy it that much!”
Parent, Del Mar Hills, San Diego, CA

“Violet really enjoyed your teaching – she loved the games, songs, and workbook.”
Parent, St. Vincent School, San Diego, CA

“I love the way Olivia wanted to do homework – she enjoyed all aspects. Only wish it were 2x per week.”
Parent, Santa Fe Christian Schools, San Diego, CA

“Mrs. Julia inspires my twins who have no Spanish spoken in their day-to-day word by her enthusiastic teaching style. My kids love her and know what to expect in her classes. The “Kareoke” idea to get the kids to sing to the parents was a fabulous idea. Only through the songbooks in English and Spanish while the kids sang did I finally start learning the vocabulary words too! Your language teaching method of concentric practice on vocabulary with sight, sound, and writing is terrific.”
Parent, Santa Fe Christian Schools, San Diego, CA

“I like that you use so many of the 5 senses and teaching modalities which gives the program a lot of variety, thereby reaching all the different learning styles in each class.”
Parent, Home School Class, San Diego, CA

“My daughter as well as our whole family have been extremely happy with your teaching style. The workbooks were helpful and offered a nice variety of activity types. I am thrilled that my daughter is enjoying this class so much. She often hums or sings a tune, just by herself, and we frequently go back to play songs covered earlier. Thank you!”
Parent, Explorer Charter School, San Diego, CA

“Thank you for the time you put into teaching. We were in Mexico for spring break last week and he knew many words that people were speaking and recognized many words on signs.”
Parent, Home Class, San Diego, CA

“Our daughters are taking Year 1B Spanish – they love the class and we are very impressed with the method of teaching. Learning through music is a great idea and we can see the results with both of them.”
Parent, Bird Rock Elementary, San Diego, CA

“This is in reference to your Spanish teacher. Our 6 year old always comes home from class happy and we have heard him acknowledging people who speak Spanish on our walk home and at other venues. We are both retired college professors (with elementary school experiences) and after observing a class one afternoon we were impressed by the vitality, the extremely positive outreach by your teacher, and her ability to add such magical touches to the class. She has exceptional skills in reaching her audience. Children need teachers like her in their lives. Thanks also for your valuable curriculum help with the workbook and the fun CD. Kudos to you and your program.”
Parents, Benchley Weinberger School, San Diego, CA

“We have found the Sing ‘n Speak Spanish program to be engaging and has really helped give our kids a foundation for Spanish! They are ahead of their peers in area schools that do not use this program and they really retain the information. We couldn’t be happier that they are being given this gift of learning a language in such a fun way.”
Patricia Barlelson, parent

Testimonials from Students

“Thank you so much for teaching me the beautiful language of Mexico, Spain, and South America. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be having conversations with my mom and aunt. You taught me so much! I can now eavesdrop on my mom’s conversations and I don’t know if you realize that you are the one to thank when I get a job because being able to speak Spanish is a gift to me and all American employers. Thank you very much.”
Student, Carmel del Mar School, San Diego, CA

“I wanted to thank you for doing the adult Spanish class. Jill and I were running this morning and were talking about how we enjoy your Spanish class. We think that the way you teach your classes, your patience, and your enthusiasm really show a passion for what you do. We all love learning, but as adults we have such busy schedules. With minimal studying, we have all learned so much in a short time. So, you are clearly doing something right.”
Adult student, Home adult class, San Diego, CA

“I have enjoyed studying with Julia, both in private lessons and in her adult Spanish class. The lessons are well-planned, the homework applicable, and each week incorporates previous material effectively. Currently I’m spending a second season cruising in Mexico. I am amazed at how far have come in the last year. My pronunciation is understandable and I’m able to communicate far better than I expected. Julia has made me conversational quickly and I thoroughly enjoyed her style of teaching. Thank you.”
Adult Student, Home adult class, San Diego, CA