Business Opportunity for Teaching Spanish

Sing 'n Speak Spanish offers an unique business opportunity for the enterprising teacher to earn extra income by using our program in his or her own community.

Spanish is a part of our multicultural world, and language is a key that opens the door to a world with some 30 million native Spanish speakers in our own society and another 500 million in the 20 or so countries of Latin America and Spain.

Foreign language instruction is undervalued and under-funded in our country.  Elementary aged children are at their linguistic best and will never again learn a new language as fast, as well, or as easily. Students who study a foreign language early in life score higher on standardized tests, develop better reading skills, enhanced vocabulary, and improved problem solving abilities.* Very importantly, foreign language skills help students improve communication and interaction with our neighbors right here in the United States.

My vision is to have the Sing ‘n Speak Spanish program become an important contributor to the teaching of Spanish to elementary and middle school aged students in this country. I originally designed this program as an after-school enrichment business. Since 1998, my team of teachers and I have taught many thousands of students in San Diego at more than 100 San Diego schools. We began selling the curriculum to schools in 2008. Currently, about 250 schools around the country use this program to teach Spanish during the school day.

Many parents want their children to have exposure to a foreign language, yet many elementary and middle schools in the United States don’t offer any foreign language instruction due to time or budgetary constraints. This unmet need presents a great business opportunity for enthusiastic bilingual teachers to offer before or after school enrichment classes in cities around the country. Ambitious business people may wish to set up an organization of teachers, but an independent teacher can also earn welcome additional income by teaching a small number of classes each week at someone’s home, nearby schools, or even in his/her own school or home. The income derived from classes will quickly pay for the cost of buying a Year 1 Teacher Package and a set of Puppets needed to get started. Purchase student materials directly from Sing ‘n Speak Spanish.

As an entrepreneur, I love the flexibility this business provides.  It is hard work, but I derive much satisfaction and joy in knowing the Sing ‘n Speak Spanish program is making a difference in children’s lives and those of my dedicated San Diego teachers.  It delights me each time a Spanish teacher tells me her students are learning a lot and how easy and fun it is to teach from my program.  You too can join in this enriching experience.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss this business opportunity.


Julia Burnier, Director

*This information is from Learning World Languages and Cultures in California: A stimulus for Academic and Economic Success.  You can download the complete document from: