We have a complete assortment of Spanish materials for teachers and elementary students.

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With our Spanish Teaching Materials, teachers can put all their energy into great teaching and not into time-consuming lesson preparation. Our ready-to-use Teacher Packages include teacher manuals with detailed lessons plans, a wide assortment of colorful teaching aids, a music CD and songbook, and a teacher copy of the student workbook.

Spanish Student Workbooks contain a wide assortment of fun writing and reading activities to reinforce vocabulary and grammar inside or outside the classroom.

Children usually memorize our catchy Spanish Songs, resulting in excellent pronunciation and long term retention of vocabulary and grammar structures.

Spanish Storybooks add another wonderful component to the Year 1 Spanish lessons. These can be used in the classroom for story time or parents can purchase individual sets for their Spanish students.

We have a delightful assortment of Puppets that fit in perfectly with the puppet skits in the Year 1 and Year 2 Spanish lessons. As a teacher, if you don’t already have a variety of puppets, then this is an easy solution.

Our Support Materials include magnetic pockets to display game cards on a magnetic whiteboard and some higher level books with stories and skits for the classroom.

Finally, our Translation Sensation Games are perfect for drilling vocabulary from our Year 1, 2, and 3 Spanish classes.

NEW in 2020: Assessing Student Achievement for Years 1B, 2, and 3!!