Tip 4 – Teaching songs w TPR

Tip 4: How to teach songs with TPR

The memorization of songs is an effective and enjoyable component of the Sing ‘n Speak Spanish program. If melodies are catchy, students will sing the songs repeatedly, giving them the repetition they need for long term vocabulary retention.

TPR singing is an effective way to teach songs. It helps students comprehend the meaning of the words, gets them moving, and keeps them challenged as they follow along. It also helps you know who is paying attention if you insist on participation.

In this technique, sing each line with TPR, first alone in English and then twice in Spanish with student participation. Each time you introduce a new line, sing the entire verse up to that point in Spanish before moving on to the next line. Once you have introduced the entire verse, then you can play the music CD and sing the entire verse together as a class. Teach each verse in this manner until you have taught the entire song.