Tip 5 – How to use Puppets

Tip 5: How to use puppets

The Year 1 and Year 2 Spanish lessons include humorous and interactive puppet skits. These skits add a delightful component to the teaching of a foreign language.

You may be unfamiliar with the use of puppets and therefore not comfortable using them. It takes a little practice to use puppets effectively in the classroom. Rehearse the puppet skits out loud in front of a mirror or with other children outside the classroom. Give the puppet its own name, voice, and personality. Make eye contact with the puppet when you are speaking to it.

Even though I have written out the puppet skits in detail, don’t memorize them. Become familiar with the skit and understand what vocabulary you are trying to reinforce with the skit. Keep it interactive, have fun, and “ham it up.” If you are enjoying yourself, then the students will too.

I hope this teaching tip helps your students have more fun in the classroom!