Tip 6 – Preposition Song

Tip 6: Preposition Song

The inspiration for Sing ‘n Speak Spanish® originally stemmed from my love of singing in Spanish (since I grew up in Mexico City) and the power songs have in aiding memory retention.  In 6th grade, my English teacher taught our class a preposition song to the tune of “Yankee Doodle.”  I still know it perfectly and will never forget it.  As a way of saying “Thank you” to all my customers around the country, I wrote a parallel preposition song for you in Spanish.

Here are the lyrics and the translation:

Las Preposiciones

Dentro de, fuera de
Delante de, detrás de
Sobre, debajo de
Alrededor de

Frente a, al lado de
Cerca de, lejos de
A la derecha
A la izquierda


The Prepositions

Inside, outside
In front of, behind
Above, under/below/beneath

Facing, next to
Close to, far from
To the right
To the left

I hope you teach these prepositions to your students with creative TPR gestures.  I would love to see video clips!  Enjoy!