Tip 9 – Why should kids learn Spanish?

Tip 9: Why should kids learn Spanish?

Did you know that the United States has the second most Spanish speakers in the world after Mexico? Whether you use this language at home or abroad, it’s a lifelong skill with tangible benefits.

1 Elementary aged kids soak up language
Sadly, foreign language instruction is undervalued and under-funded in our country.  Yet elementary aged children are at their linguistic best and will never again learn a new language as fast, as well, or as easily.  When exposed to a foreign language early in life, your child develops a bilingual frame of mind, laying the foundation for advanced learning and fluency.  Since many jobs in today’s multicultural world require learning to speak Spanish fluently, this gives your child an edge later in the workplace. 

2 Multilingual people show increased cognitive abilities Additionally, many studies have shown that learning a foreign language is good for brain development. Students who study a foreign language early in life score higher on standardized tests, increase achievement in all subject areas, develop better reading skills, enhanced vocabulary, and improved problem-solving abilities. 

3 Spanish enhances appreciation of cultural diversity and global connectedness Finally, and so importantly, Spanish is a part of our multicultural world, and language is a key that opens the door to a world with some 30 million native Spanish speakers in our own society and another 500 million in the 20 or so countries of Latin America and Spain.  Learning to speak Spanish helps broaden the world for our children, giving them a tool to both accept and appreciate cultural diversity and richness as they communicate with our Spanish speaking neighbors right here in the United States and in other countries.

Speaking a second language makes you more competitive in the job market Showing that you are truly bilingual on your resume is personally rewarding compared to getting the ‘A’ in Spanish with no speaking skills.  You also have lots more opportunities when you can communicate to a massive audience when you are a teacher, nurse, flight attendant, or work in any public facing business.  Help your child become linguistically competitive and possibly earn a higher salary.  In other countries multilingualism is a requirement.

The world is more internationally connected In this digital age, the world is more connected internationally.  So whether you use your Spanish skills in person or with remote tele-networking in an international call, there is increasing demand for English/Spanish bilingual speakers.