Spanish Classes in San Diego

1. Before or After-School Enrichment Spanish Classes
Since 1998, my team of teachers and I have taught enrichment Spanish classes in San Diego to thousands of students at more than 100 private and public schools. If you are looking for an excellent Spanish enrichment program at your San Diego school, please consider our program. The classes are typically offered once a week during the school year – approximately 28-32 classes per year depending on the school calendar.

Principals at many San Diego schools recognize the value of having their students learn Spanish, but do not have time available in the daily school schedule to do so. A great strength of our Spanish curriculum is that it is a multi-level program where students progress from one level to the next year after year. Incorporating an academic program such as Sing ‘n Speak Spanish as part of the enrichment offering becomes an asset for the school.

Go to Enrichment Classes in San Diego to see videos of our teachers in action and to register your child for a class in San Diego.

2. In-School Classes in San Diego.
We also offer in-school Spanish classes in San Diego. Since we are based in San Diego, you may also wish to consider bringing in our trained teachers to teach Spanish classes at your school during the regular school day. We are doing this very successfully at a number of schools in San Diego.

Please Contact Us to set up an enrichment or in-school program at your school in San Diego.

3. Purchase the Curriculum.
A third way to incorporate Spanish classes at your school in San Diego is to purchase our Teaching Materials and hire your own teacher to teach Spanish classes. Having a fully developed K-5 or K-8 curriculum (Scope and Sequence) allows your teacher to focus on excellent teaching instead of laborious lesson preparation. Approximately 400 schools around the country have purchased our curriculum. Click on How to Order to get pricing and details on ordering our products.