Enrichment Spanish Classes in San Diego

We offer before or after-school enrichment Spanish classes at approximately 50 schools in San Diego. The classes typically run once-a-week throughout the school year resulting in about 30 classes per year. To learn more about our enrichment Spanish classes, go to Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I register for an enrichment Spanish class with Sing ‘n Speak Spanish?

• Find your child’s school in the list below and click to open the registration or information flyer. If another district or entity is in charge of the registration, you will see an information sheet instead of a registration form.
• Print the 2 page registration flyer.
• Fill out the 2nd page.
• Options:
1. Mail the form and check in full to Sing ‘n Speak Spanish (915 Albion St., San Diego, CA 92106).
2. FAX the form and a voided check for monthly automatic payments to 619-221-0362.
3. Scan and e-mail the registration form and a voided check for monthly automatic payments to julia@singnspeak.com.

• You will receive an e-mail confirmation that your child is either registered or on a wait list.
• Parents will receive a Welcome Letter and e-mail a few days before classes begin.


• All Hallows Academy (All Hallows Academy 2018-2019)
• Rancho Santa Fe Community Center (Rancho Santa Fe CC 2018-2019)
• Santa Fe Christian Preschool (Santa Fe Christian Preschool 2018-2019)
• School of the Madeleine (School of the Madeleine 2018-2019)
• Westminster Presbytarian Preschool (Westminster 2018-2019)


Bonsall Unified School District
• Bonsall West Elementary (Bonsall West 2018-2019)

Cardiff School District
• Cardiff Elementary (Cardiff 2018-2019)

Carlsbad Unified School District
• Aviara Oaks (Aviara Oaks 2018-2019)
• Pacific Rim Elementary (Pacific Rim 2018-2019)

Charter Schools – Literacy First
• Liberty Academy (LFCS Liberty Academy 2018-2019)
• Primary Academy (LFCS Primary Academy 2018-2019)

Del Mar Union School District
• Ashley Falls (DMUSD Ashley Falls 2018-2019)
• Sage Canyon (DMUSD Sage Canyon 2018-2019)

San Diego Unified School District
• Benchley Weinberger (Benchley Weinberger 2018-2019)
• Bird Rock Elementary (Bird Rock 2018-2019)
• Dana Middle School (Dana Middle School 2018-2019)
• Dingeman Elementary (Dingeman Elementary 2018-2019)
• Green Elementary (Green Elementary 2018-2019)
• HTe (HTe Point Loma 2018-2019)
• Jerabek Elementary (Jerabek 2018-2019)
• Jones Elementary (Jones Elementary 2018-2019)
• La Jolla Elementary (La Jolla Elementary 2018-2019)
• Marshall Middle School (Marshall Middle 2018-2019)
• Miramar Ranch (Miramar Ranch 2018-2019)
• Pacific Beach Elementary (Pacific Beach 2018-2019)
• Silver Gate Elementary (Silver Gate 2018-2019)
• Sunset View Elementary (Sunset View 2018-2019)
• Tierrasanta Elementary (Tierrasanta 2018-2019)

San Marcos School District
• Carrillo Elementary (Carrillo Elementary 2018-2019)
• Double Peak Elementary (Double Peak INFO 2018-2019)
• HTe NC (HTe North County 2018-2019)
• La Costa Meadows (La Costa Meadows INFO 2018-2019)
• San Elijo School (San Elijo INFO 2018-2019)

Solana Beach School District
• Carmel Creek (SBCDC Carmel Creek 2018-2019)
• Skyline Elementary (SBCDC Skyline 2018-2019)
• Solana Highlands (SBCDC Solana Highlands 2018-2019)
• Solana Ranch (SBCDC Solana Ranch 2018-2019)
• Solana Santa Fe (SBCDC Solana Santa Fe 2018-2019)
• Solana Vista (SBCDC Solana Vista 2018-2019)